Ryan Peebles Illustration

Ryan Peebles

Executive Director
519-972-2727 x 4526

What I Do:

Hey Saints, I am the Executive Director for the Student Representative Council. Besides overseeing the operations of the Student Council, it is my job to ensure that you as a student of St. Clair are heard and have the best student life experience. At the Student Council, we aim to help where we can and will continue to grow with you and will always be there to welcome you to St. Clair College.

Feel free to connect with us on our social channels and when we are back on campus. Stay safe and stay SAINT STRONG!

Sandy Taylor Illustration

Sandy Taylor

Senior Manager, Board, Office Operations & Corporate Secretary
519-972-2727 x 4524

What I Do:

Hey Saints, I help manage your SRC Board of Directors with day to day tasks to ensure that your student life is the best it can be. I also manage your student health plan, so if you are ever having any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact me or stop by the office. Our focus is you and we aim to help, stay safe Saints! 

Kathy Roy Illustration

Kathy Roy

Manager, Finance and Administration
519-972-2727 x 4347

What I Do:

As the Manager of Finance, I take care of all the day to day financial needs of the SRC. I administer payroll for over 200 SRC employees, as well as manage accounts payable and receivable. I also oversee all club finances and prepare all financial statements to help the SRC executives run the operations of the organization.

Crystal Benn Illustration

Crystal Benn

Manager, Facilities & Building Operations
519-972-2727 x 4009

What I Do:

Hey Saints, my name's Crystal. I have worked for the SRC for quite some time now, I am currently the Manager, Facilities & Operations at the South Campus.

What does that mean? Good question, essentially, I am part of the awesome student events team we have created here at the Student Representative Council. You can see me on campus, overseeing event security and running all production aspects of everything we do here on campus for the students, sometimes that is as simple as flipping a light switch. Recently I have added running a full video team to our productions.

I also help to bring new facilities to campus such as food services and business towers, as well as maintaining our current student areas with assistance from my fellow staff mates and members of the college. My passion is bringing big events to the students of St. Clair, these events range from concerts to large-scale community events like the Polar Plunge.

I am always around, literally, so if you see me, feel free to say hi. It’s always great to meet new students and help in any way I can to make sure you have the best college experience. I was once a student here so I know exactly how it feels to walk through the halls looking for a friendly face.

EP Chant Illustration

EP Chant

Managing Editor of Student Publications
519-972-2727 x 4523

What I Do:

As the Managing Editor of SRC Publications, I oversee all of the council's communications, including The Saint Scene on-line magazine, the Student Day Planner, and the annual "Con-GRAD-ulations" yearbook. As the longest-serving SRC staff member, I also provide the council with historical background and political analysis of college and postsecondary issues.

Devin Hurst Illustration

Devin Hurst

Manager, Communications & Student Experience
519-972-2727 x 4003

What I Do:

Hey Saints, my name is Devin (she/her) and I oversee a number of services that contribute to your student experience while being at St. Clair. I am responsible for creating and overseeing SRC events whether virtually or at our various campuses as well as overseeing our Clubs and Communities platform. I also manage a number of student staff, from the Club Liaison to the Brand Ambassadors and Street Team. If you have any questions about events you’d like to see, feel free to reach out!

Jackie Murray Illustration

Jackie Murray

Manager, Food Services
519-972-2727 x 4562

What I Do:

Hi Saints. My name is Jackie and I am the Food Service Manager for SRC. As part of the SRC team, I am focused on providing the best food service available that includes diverse menu options. I oversee operations at Griff’s, Griff’s Grab and Go, Tim Horton’s and Subway specifically. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Tatyanna Anderson portrait

Tatyanna Anderson

Manager, Administration, People & Culture
519-972-2727 x 5985

What I Do:

Hi Saints! My name is Tatyanna Anderson. In my role, I work closely with all of our team members ensuring a proper employee onboarding, and great experience while employed within the SRC. I work with our team to support in the talent acquisition process as well as maintaining all employee forms and documentation. I  ensure all our policies and procedures are accurate and up to date and work closely with our team of leasers to ensure a great workplace culture! If you ever have any questions or see a job posting up - feel free to reach out! 

Katie Rizea Illustration

Katie Rizea

Manager, Downtown Campus Operations
519-972-2727 x 4823

What I Do:

Hey Saints! My name is Katie, and I'm the first face you'll see at the downtown SRC office. No matter your campus, if you're in the downtown area and need the SRC, I'll be in the TD Centre to help you. I also manage the SRC Food Bank and the Health Insurance for full-time domestic students. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! If I can't help you, I'll make sure I can find the right person who can.

Shubam Sharma - portrait

Shubham Sharma

Manager, Ace Acumen Operations

What I Do:

Hey Saints, my name is Shubham Sharma and I will be overseeing and implementing SRC services at all three Acumen Campuses. I work closely with the Student Liaisons to organize multiple events at each Acumen Campus, and I am responsible for hiring and training them. I will be happy to listen to your innovative ideas and implement them at the St. Clair Acumen Campuses. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or stop by the office.

Anna Millerman Illustration

Anna Millerman

Office Coordinator, South Campus

What I Do:

Hi! My name is Anna, and I am the office coordinator for the SRC at south campus. You may recognize me as I work the front desk and the Copy Centre, and manage the operations of both. I manage clerical work, phone calls, and assist the board in ensuring you, the student, have a great & successful time here at St. Clair College!

Amanda Sinasac Illustration

Amanda Sinasac

Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

What I Do:

As the Digital Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, I am responsible for managing St. Clair SRC's online presence. My primary roles include designing anything and everything, as well as managing our social media. If you slide into our DMs, that's me you're talking to!

Nirvanie Jankie Illustration

Nirvanie Pharazyn

Finance & Accounting Coordinator

What I Do:

My name is Nirvanie, I work in our finance department as an accounting coordinator. Some of my tasks include entering daily data for our restaurants and as well as helping out with accounts payable and receivable. I am also responsible for ensuring that we are meeting all our financial deadlines to be a successful organization for our students. Nirvanie is currently on maternity leave.

Kaitlyn Treanor

Katie Treanor

Clubs & Volunteer Coordinator
519-972-2727 x 4525

What I Do:

Hey Saints! Looking to get involved on campus? Why not join a club or become a volunteer! As the Clubs & Volunteer Coordinator, I recruit student volunteers for various positions on campus and provide guidance to the student clubs. If you need volunteer hours or would like to start a club on campus feel reach to reach out!

Kevin Ethier Illustration

Kevin Ethier

Maintenance Supervisor

What I Do:

Hey there, I’m responsible for the maintenance of the Student Centre, the Student Life Centre, and various other campus facilities managed by the SRC. You can find me in the main halls of the South Campus or working in student spaces, so I probably look familiar. I’m always willing to lend a helping hand when called upon!

Dustin Morrell portrait

Dustin Morrell

Facilities & Maintenance Coordinator

What I Do:

I'm the Facilities and Maintenance Coordinator at St. Clair SRC. I am passionate about lending a hand. I do more than just fix things, I take pride in creating a welcoming environment for colleagues and students. With a ready smile and a helpful attitude, I aim to be your point person for any facility and maintenance needs. I focus on simplicity, ensuring our spaces stay pleasant for everyone.

Keira Janisse portrait

Keira Janisse

Accounting Clerk

What I Do:

Hi there! My name is Keira and as an Accounting Clerk for our Finance Department, I assist with all day-to-day finance operations for the SRC. The majority of my duties include recording daily finance information, as well as accounts payable and receivable for each of our awesome food service locations. It is my job to make sure all data entered is properly balanced and that our deadlines are met in a timely manner. This helps to ensure our organization is successful for you, the student! 

Nik Mladenoski Portrait

Nikolas Mladenoski

Nexus Arena & Computer Lab Services Coordinator
519-972-2727 x 4644

What I Do:

Hey Saints! Welcome to the Nexus Esports Arena and Computer Labs, where gaming and learning unite. Whether you’re unwinding with friends over a gaming session or diving into your studies, as the supervisor, I am thrilled to provide an immersive and memorable experience. If you have any interest in hosting events using our Nexus facility, please feel free to reach out. See you at the Nexus!

Shaun Byrne Illustration

Shaun Byrne

Esports Director
519-972-2727 x 4004

What I Do:

Hey Saints, my name is Shaun Byrne and I'm the Esports Director at St. Clair College. I oversee everything that has to do with competitive video gaming on campus. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or Discord: shaunbyrne

Dan Banner portrait

Dan Banner

Esports Broadcast & Production Supervisor

What I Do:

Hello Saints Nation! As the Esports Broadcast & Production Supervisor I manage and oversee operations on all of our match broadcasts for the Varsity Esports program and teach people of all experience levels how to work on an esports broadcast! If you are interested in learning more about esports broadcasting, please reach out to me on Discord: Mr_Danners.

If you'd like to watch the broadcasts and see our teams in action, you can watch our esports teams on Twitch or watch past matches on YouTube!

Chris Funston portrait

Chris Funston

Associate Esports Director
519-972-2727 x

What I Do:

As Associate Esports Director with the Saints Esports program, I manage the recruiting process for all of our competitive teams. Previously, I was a student at St. Clair, where I co-founded and was the first president of the St. Clair Esports Club. If you are even looking at getting involved with our teams or esports program, reach out to me via email or on Discord: .atmosphere 

Valerie Shih-Lau portrait

Valerie Shih-Lau

Esports Marketing and Events Manager

What I Do:

Hello! As the Esports Marketing and Events Manager, I oversee all of our Esports marketing--from day-to-day social media coverage to content creation. Events that run within the facility outside of regular Varsity Esports activity also fall under my responsibility, from weekly social events to larger events like competitive tournaments. 

The Saints Esports marketing team is currently one of the best in Collegiate Esports and I intend to keep it that way! We are always on the lookout to grow the team. If you're interested, please feel free to reach out via email or Discord: Silvernyx_