How do I start a club?

To become a recognized SRC student club, you must fill out the 'Ratification Package' found online at or in either SRC office at the main campus or in the TD Student Success Centre.

How many members do I need to start a club?

A minimum of 10 members needs to be established in order for a club to be eligible for ratification.

How do we elect executive positions?

There are some basic rules to follow when electing executive positions.

  • There must be at least 75% of the membership in attendance.
  • If a member is running unopposed, they are acclaimed.
  • If multiple members run for a position, they must state their platform and objectives for the club and the membership will hold a secret ballot election.

What role does a faculty advisor provide to a club?

The faculty advisor is there to help the club assess risk management and ensure that clubs run safely and smoothly. Faculty advisors are also there to run ideas by and can assist with the planning of events and fundraisers.

What is a member fee and why is it collected?

A minimum of $5 is collected in the fall semester to allow students to 'buy into' the club and ultimately ensure each member has a stake in the planning and execution of the club. A membership fee also provides a financial cushion to help fund a club's first events.

How do I make a deposit?

There is a club deposit form located on our website as well as in the main campus office and the TD Student Success Centre. You will fill out this form anytime you need to deposit funds into your club account, whether this is cash, coin or cheque. Deposits must be signed by an executive member and the faculty advisor to verify the amount deposited. We will accept email confirmation as a last resort.

Can you provide a tax receipt for a donation?

Clubs are allowed to receive sponsorship/donation cheques from outside businesses. In order for a tax receipt to be issued to a business, the 'donation deposit' form must be filled out and handed into the Club Liaison, indicating whether a tax receipt is required. Cheques are for NO REASON to be brought right to the college's finance department. In order for the tax receipt to be issued, the cheque must be made out to 'St. Clair College' and include in the memo portion of the cheque indicating the specific club the donation is for. Cheques that do not require a tax receipt must be made out to 'St. Clair SRC' and include the specific club name in the memo portion as well.

Can we host events or fundraisers that promote alcohol or gambling?

No, clubs are not permitted to host any fundraisers that promote or include the sale of alcohol. This rule can be applied to on and off-campus events. Clubs are only permitted to hold 50/50 or raffle draws on campus and only to the St. Clair College community, not offsite. This is illegal and may result in a ticket.

Where can I host events/fundraisers?

We encourage all clubs to host events on our respective campuses to keep funds in-house. Some of the locations you're able to host events and fundraisers are St. Clair Centre for the Arts, Griff's, Eatery 101 and Student Life Centre. Please see the 'Fundraising Opportunities' document on to find out more information about fundraising opportunities.

How do I find out how much money is in our club account?

There is a 'Balance Request' form located on our website as well as in the South campus office and the TD Student Centre. This form can either be filled out in-office or electronically by email. The Club Liaison will then forward the balance to the club member seeking it.

When will my cheque be ready?

Once the paperwork reaches the SRC office and is approved by the Club Liaison, Manager of Student Experience and then the General Manager, cheques are predominantly issued on Thursdays. The cheque will be available for pick up where it specifies on the cheque request form. Please allow an additional 24 hours to have the cheque brought to the downtown campus. If mailing is requested, cheques will be sent out from the office immediately.