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*Note: Volunteer opportunities are NOT paid however, volunteer experiences can be used on your resume. 

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More about Getting Involved with Volunteer Committees with SRC

Want to get involved? Feel like making a difference? Does your program require volunteer experience?

Join one of SRC’s volunteer teams! Throughout the year, the SRC provides a number of volunteer opportunities to students, both for its own services and for other off-campus community organizations via a volunteer fair that takes place every fall.

In almost all cases, the SRC will provide its volunteers with letters of reference/certificates, attesting to the services they’ve provided.

Student Volunteer Teams

  • Each student leadership position will provide students with outside of the classroom learning opportunities and experiences to further assist in their career development.
  • You must be a St. Clair College student to volunteer with the SRC.
  • Each position is responsible for implementing monthly student-focused initiatives.

The SRC oversees the following volunteer teams:

Sexual Violence Prevention (SVP) Volunteer 

  • The Sexual Violence Prevention Volunteer seeks to enhance the dialogue surrounding sexual violence and consent within the student body. The volunteer will lead in the generation, implementation and execution of sexual violence and consent workshops, campaigns and education for the students of St Clair College. The volunteer will implement monthly initiatives educating students on topics surrounding consent, healthy relationships, sexting and more. You may be a good fit for this role if you; are in health/social service-related schooling, are comfortable talking about potentially uncomfortable topics including consent and sexual health, are upbeat and engaging.

Career Services Volunteer

  • The Career Services Volunteer will enhance the student experience by assisting in the implementation and organization of career-focused workshops and career experiences needed for the working world. The Career Services volunteer will engage community stakeholders to ensure facilitators are a good fit for the program. They will canvass the student body to ensure topics covered are timely and of importance to the students. The volunteer will implement monthly initiatives that will enhance the soft and employable skills of students. The volunteer will work closely with SRC staff to develop a toolbox of career-related helpful tips and tricks. You may be a good fit for this role if you; are in school for Business or HR, enjoy speaking with people about their goals and have a passion for helping other students.

Safe Campus Volunteer

  • The Safe Campus Volunteer seeks to promote safe campus tips to the student body through the use of monthly initiatives and campaigns. The volunteer will work to develop a toolbox of "safety tips" for students that they can access via the SRC website. They will work with SRC staff to assist in promoting the Safe Walk program to students (when applicable) via social media and classroom presentations. You may be a good fit for this role if you are in school for policing/fire services/paramedic, have a passion for safety, enjoy speaking with others and educating students.

Student Charity Volunteer 

  • The Charity Volunteer will work closely with the SRC President and staff to determine the priority charity events for the school year and implement large scale charity events for the SRC. The volunteer will be responsible for working with multiple community organizations to execute events and ensure student participation. They will actively promote student volunteer positions needed for events and work with SRC staff where applicable to execute on those events. You may be a good fit for this role if you; thrive in keeping things organized, are able to prioritize tasks, have strong communication skills and enjoy speaking to large groups of people.

Academic Integrity Volunteer

  • The Academic Integrity Volunteer promote academic integrity on/off-campus to increase the awareness of cheating and plagiarism within the classroom. The volunteer will help educate the student body on the topics of cheating and plagiarism through monthly initiatives both online and in-person (when applicable) including but not limited to the international day of action. The volunteer will liaise with the Academic Integrity office on campus and the SRC President to ensure the information that they are providing to students is accurate and applicable. You may be a good fit for this role if you; understand and appreciate the importance of independent work, thrive relaying policies and procedures, are able to prioritize tasks and are able to keep the information confidential.

Health and Wellness Volunteer

  • The Health and Wellness Volunteer will plan and coordinate activities to assist in raising the awareness of health and wellness on and off-campus for the student body. The volunteer will organize student-focused workshops in the area of mental wellness focusing on prevention/intervention, suicide prevention and other Health and Wellness activities. The volunteer will implement monthly initiatives broadening student awareness and knowledge on topics ranging from clean living, mental health and an active lifestyle. You may be a good fit for this role if you; enjoy an active lifestyle, have knowledge of community resources around mental wellness and are able to generate ideas


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