Where Do You Go From Here? ... Lots Of Choices

There probably won't be an in-person "Transfer Fair" this year ... so, the info in this story is pretty handy.

An update report to the college's Board of Governors during its November 24th meeting provides students with perhaps the most comprehensive review of their "transferability opportunities" - taking their St. Clair-earned credits to obtain admission and advanced standing at other postsecondary institutions.

Furnished by President Patti France and Academic Vice-President Waseem Habash, the "Academic Pathways" report explains:

St. Clair College has a number of articulation and pathway agreements with postsecondary institutions in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. Through these agreements, graduates may receive transfer credit for several courses, a full semester or a full year (or more) toward additional postsecondary credentials. St. Clair College has also been engaged in pathways for students in high school, Pre-Apprenticeship, Apprenticeship and university to college. New pathways by school, include the following:


1. An agreement was established with Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan, which allows graduates of the following three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma programs to earn a Master's Degree in Business (MBA) or a Master's Degree in Information Technology (MSIT), in two years or 18 months, respectively, after their successful completion at St. Clair College:

• Business Administration - Marketing

• Business Administration - Accounting

• Business Administration - Finance

• Business Administration - Human Resources

• Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Communication Technology)

2. St. Clair College successfully collaborated with the Supply Chain Management Association (operating as Supply Chain Canada), located in Toronto, Ontario, to garner a pathway for graduates to earn the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation.

3. Graduates of the two-year Ontario College Diploma Business - Marketing program have a pathway to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing with optional MBA at the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University, located in Detroit, Michigan.

4. Graduates of a two-year Ontario College Diploma in Business have a pathway to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Accounting, Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, Information Systems, Management or Marketing at the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University, located in Detroit, Michigan.


1. St. Clair College and Durham College worked together and established a pathway to allow graduates of St. Clair's three-year Biomedical Engineering Technology - Equipment and Devices program to pursue a Bachelor of Health Care Technology Management degree at Durham College. Successful students from the Biomedical Engineering Technology program will be admitted into year three at Durham.

2. Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) in Ireland worked with St. Clair College to establish a pathway for graduates of the three-year Electronics Engineering Technology - Industrial Automation (EET - IA) program to enter into year 4 of LIT's Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic Engineering degree program, thus creating an appealing "3 + 1" scenario for students wishing to further pursue their education abroad. Eligible graduates from the EET - IA program can also enroll into year 4 of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Industrial Automation & Robotic Systems' degree program at LIT. Lastly, successful graduates of the two-year Electrical Engineering Technician can apply for entry into year 3 of the four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering Technician at LIT.

3. An astounding agreement with three pathways for graduates of the Biomedical Engineering Technology - Equipment and Devices to Institutes of Technology Sligo in Ireland, was created. Graduates are eligible to earn a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics or a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science in under a year's time (approximately nine months). Students can also elect to enroll in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Medical Biotechnology program for a period just shy of two years (approximately 21 months).

4. Additional agreements were generated between IT Sligo and St. Clair for the Interior Design and Chemical Laboratory Technology programs. Interior Design graduates are eligible to earn a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interior Architecture and Design in under a year's time (approximately nine months). Chemical Laboratory Technology graduates are eligible to earn a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development in under a year's time (approximately nine months).


1. St. Clair College and Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario partnered to build a pathway for eligible St. Clair Graphic Design graduates to enroll in year three of the Bachelor of Design (Honours) Degree program at Conestoga, via a third-year degree bridge course.


Through the work of Project Maple Scholar, non-commissioned members who have attained Developmental Period 2 rank (NCMDP2) from the Canadian Armed Forces will be considered as having met the requirement of a prior diploma for admission into several of St. Clair College's graduate certificate programs. The eligible programs are:

• Event Management

• Human Resources Management

• International Business Management - Logistics Systems

• Media Convergence


1. Development of a billboard campaign to begin in December 2020, following the College's Virtual Open House.

2. Virtual information nights will be held in November and December highlighting pathway opportunities.

3. Development of a hot spot with video highlighting student pathways that will be included in the St. Clair College Virtual Information night. These will also be sent to all guidance counsellors.

4. Hosted a student pathway booth at the Ontario College Virtual Fair, that was held on November 4 and 5, 2020.

5. Student pathways messaging was added to the College's Technology Leaders campaign page.

6. Creation of web graphics for the College's program web pages that indicates available student pathway opportunities with the corresponding institutions' logo.

7. Organic social posts that highlight student pathways by program.

8. The use of traditional media.

9. Pathways are highlighted by the Marketing and Recruitment department during each high school presentation.

10. Pathways are included in the annual St. Clair College admissions handbook.


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