Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Campus Beholder


The philosophy that a beautiful campus creates both a stress-relieving and inspiring atmosphere was confirmed by the college's Board of Governors during its February 23rd meeting. 

The Board reviewed a report from the administration detailing projects that had been carried out recently under the college's Campus Beautification policy. 

The report noted: 

The objective of Campus Beautification is to continue to create a world-class campus that enhances and complements our students' educational experience, while furthering St. Clair College's ability to participate in the highly competitive business of student recruitment. 


In addition to the development of the cross-program team to help develop Campus Beautification plans, the college has embarked on several Campus Beautification projects over the past year. An allocation of $408,000, in addition to collaborative projects with the Facilities Department, was spent on Campus Beautification projects in 2019-20 and 2020-21 at the Windsor, Chatham and Downtown Windsor campuses. Projects include the following: 


• Installation of new branded signage at main entrance 

• Renovation of the Registrar's office 

• Renovation of the Security and Parking Offices in main lobby 

• Replacement of front lobby furniture 

• Construction of a sidewalk at the west side of the College 

• Gate and fencing enhancements around the Horticulture areas 

• Gate enhancements around FCEM scrap facilities 

• Road replacements 

• Installation of the rubberized walking path on the east side of the college 

• Renovation of the second-floor north balcony 


• Installation of the large Griffin on the Zekelman Tennis Centre 

• Boulders and grounds improvements north of fountain, in the bus loop entrance, and Residence sidewalk 

• Pond island stairs and multiple trees planted 

• New sidewalk around Horticulture areas 

• Replacement of outdoor furniture 

• Installation of the classic gym signage 

• Installation of the main gate and Sports Park signage 

• Repairs to sidewalk and addition of flower beds in the Automotive area 


• Replacement of front lobby furniture 

• Mary Uniac garden enhancement.  


• Replacement of front lobby furniture 

• New flooring and furniture under hotel 

• Installation of new bollards 

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