A tiny Investment for HUGE Benefits

Your $50 annual membership in the Student Representative Council (SRC) makes you eligible for hundreds - even thousands - of dollars of benefits during the course of the school-year.

The $50 membership fee funds such services as:

  • the administration of the student health plan;
  • entertainment and awareness programming;
  • copy centre operations;
  • seed-money and special event funding of three dozen campus clubs;
  • student publications and social media communications;
  • give-aways and promotions;
  • advocacy on postsecondary issues at the provincial and federal levels;
  • consultative assistance for students’ disciplinary hearings, academic complaints and grade appeals;
  • the operation of the campus food bank;
  • developing and delivering volunteer opportunities for students, on campus and in the community;
  • providing the SafeWalk night-time escort-to-parking-lots program;
  • providing hot-line services for mental health crises;
  • services and assistance to student-parents and their families;
  • community outreach (including the support of local charities); and
  • multicultural activities.

In short, the funding generated by the membership fee covers everything that happens at the college not pertaining strictly to academic functions.

Your SRC membership also ensures that you are eligible to:

  • apply for the almost 200 part-time jobs offered (during non-pandemic times) in the various SRC departments, including its food services;
  • vote in SRC elections, run for the council’s Executive positions, or apply for its Directorships;
  • attend entertainment events with free or low-cost admission (non-members may not be permitted to attend at all, or will be charged a substantial entrance fee);
  • qualify for the bursaries or scholarships funded by the SRC;
  • enjoy the occasional discounts offered to members at on-campus food services and/or in conjunction with off-campus corporate partners.

All that - and all of the other SRC-provided services - for $50. You don’t have to be an Accounting student to figure out that’s a great deal.

The membership fee represents a tiny investment in exchange for HUGE benefits... to make your life as a student - heck, as a person - a bit easier, less stressed, and much more fun.